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Official Website for Psychic Medium Rebecca Anne LoCicero

Presenter of 'Messages from Heaven' (sm)

Author of Living with Messages from Heaven

Teacher of 'Awaken your Intuition' (sm)

Owner of 'The Beyond Center' (sm)

Program Director for the Psychic & Beyond EXPO

Contact Rebecca Anne ~ rsmith001@snet.net

Welcome, You will learn here that I love my community, I thrive on giving attention to my 'peeps'
here in human form as well as in pure soul, there are many ways to stay connected to me through
social networking and live events.  I do not always remember everyone I meet, but if you have met
me, I would LOVE it if you said hello and shared a hug with me.  Before we connect you are in my
heart, Once we connect it becomes unconditional always.  LOVE YOU!
Living with Messages from Heaven
and sharing that gift and
ability with you.

Connecting to Spirit
with you and for you.

"Acceptance through Acknowledgement
will lead you to Enlightenment.  
Awaken your intuition from within while
receiving Messages from Heaven"

Rebecca Anne LoCicero
Rebecca Anne LoCicero
Psychic Medium & Beyond